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Joe Hamilton
Regular Division, 2014


Artist: Joe Hamilton, b. 1982
Title: Regular Division
Year created: 2014
Date minted: 9 October 2014
Format: A non-fungible token stored on the Bitcoin blockchain via the CounterParty XCP protocol.

A Truly Unique Token

Regular Division was one of the earliest artworks to be minted as a non-fungible token (NFT) in October 2014. The token was minted with the assistance of Kevin McCoy who also minted the first ever NFT for his own artwork Quantum, 4 months earlier. Many of the early NFTs were on the namecoin blockchain which are no longer directly transferable. Regular Division however was one of the early works minted on Bitcoin via the CounterParty protocol. This makes it unique as one of the earliest NFTs that remains directly transferable in its native format.

About the Artwork

“Joe Hamilton’s Regular Division takes enclosed environments as its subject. The video uses intricate, dynamic editing and layering to combine footage of several indoor gardens spread across the world. These glasshouses aim to recreate pristine environments in terms of foliage, atmosphere and temperatures. Hamilton’s video, however, lingers on the points where natural elements meet the physical structures that support the enclosed environments, such as walls, paths and glass ceilings. Across the surface of the video, as though suspended in virtual space, are brushstrokes that allude to the painterly landscapes of Vincent Van Gogh and Arthur Streeton, drawing a connection between the different ways in which landscapes have been manufactured as image and environment.” ― Simone Hine and Kyle Weise.

“A continual slow camera pan runs evenly across architectural greenhouses, lush vegetation, water features, elaborate stonework and ornate steelwork. As it passes languorously over and between disparate times and places the ambient sounds are penetrated by echoes of recognisable noises - a waterfall, voices, a snapped branch. The different locations likewise exist alongside each other and within each other’s pictorial space – a window frame reflects or offers sight of an alternate landscape, a walkway from England traverses vegetation from elsewhere. Further defining and confusing the sense of space are abstracted brush marks from traditional landscape paintings.” ― Hannah Redler

The Artist

Joe Hamilton (b. 1982 Tasmania) makes use of technology and found material to create intricate and complex compositions online, offline and in-between. His recent work questions our established notions of the natural environment within a society that is becoming increasingly networked.
Hamilton holds a BFA from the University of Tasmania and an MA from RMIT in Melbourne. His work has been shown to great extent internationally with group exhibitions at The Moving Museum Istanbul, The Austrian Film Museum, Kunsthalle Düsseldorf and The New Museum in New York.

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Tweet from 2014


Joe Hamilton - Regular Division NFT

Token Information

Block 324570
Block Hash 000000000000000016a60b6ccc5bcba4823f0f71c9de3612f8176e6c037893fc
Previous Hash 0000000000000000116468599f28cf9c6cdbab147a257ed94d99e1c3b311f255
Ledger Hash 892d6006d83b9cb9eff24b1f4b0e4d654be15bc3a63cc57eb3fe3320289005b6
Txlist Hash 6aa6964069afd96e3f3da2499445ec41c3eba5da7ae96802700e2e8fda868b6b
Messages Hash 9f2179965cf8ef2c65c87787737f3cbddeab4dcde31315f0a445093775652ec6
Difficulty 34661400000
Time 7 years ago (2014-10-09T17:01:35Z GMT)
XChain Transaction

Exhibition Photos

Over the past 7 years Regular Division has also been shown in 33 exhibitions and screenings in 13 countries.

Regular Division

LikeNewLandscape, Pablo's Birthday Gallery in New York, United States, 2014.

Regular Division

A View Beyond the Trees, Solo Exhibition at Zuckerman Museum, Georgia, United States, 2016

Regular Division

How to build a universe which doesn’t fall apart two days later Group Maison Populaire, Montreuil, France, Jan 2016

Regular Division

A View Beyond the Trees, Solo Exhibition at Zuckerman Museum, Georgia, United States, 2016

Regular Division

Crossing Atmospheres, Blindside, Melbourne, Australia, June 2016

Regular Division

Right Here, Right Now, The Lowry, Liverpool, United Kingdom, February 2015